Being a parent of a child with autism isn’t easy. So much stress. So many questions. Who can help? Which school is best? Who pays? What about the future? So what did we do to help? We did this. A little book that answers all those big questions. Our 'Next Steps' and 'Everything you Need to Know' books soon followed. 
“Empowering parents and professionals is one of the most valuable and rewarding things we can do. Our suite of little books helps us do that. We’re hugely proud of them and when you see people queuing at our events for their copy you know you’re doing something right. The comments we receive are always positive and often amazing. The look and feel Peppertree have created goes further than the books. Our core marketing activity follows this warm and approachable style and Peppertree continue to be a valuable and trusted partner for The Hesley Group.”
David Maynard, Director of Partnerships and Business Development

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