We'll have to admit, the prospect of drawing a site map (or three) isn't on many designers bucket list. But at Peppertree we don't just look at what it is, but what it could be. And with a little love and creativity a site map could be so much more. 

"We worked with Peppertree on a large scale project to produce signs across all of our six services. The basic signs we had produced were enhanced through a site map which was designed and produced by Peppertree after discussion about how we felt they should look. They have developed these to great effect and now they are actually in situ on the sites. They are helping individuals to have an overview of their environment as well as a focal point for visitors and staff. In addition they are colourful, clear and fun in design  - so much so we have already asked for further maps for another project! Thank you Peppertree"
Rachel O'Sullivan -  Head of Therapies

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