The secret to producing engaging comms for students is to make sure it bears no resemblance to the student comms they are expecting. From advice for new starters to encouraging students to keep up with their maths and English, we struck up a dialogue with the students that talked to them - not down to them. 
“Stuart and Nigel have been fantastic to work with, not only for the fresh ideas they bring to the table but also the way they soak up a brief like a sponge! A recent campaign of internal messaging to students across campus gave Peppertree the chance to put together clear messages and artworks to drive home the point we wanted to get across and the end result certainly doesn’t look like the ‘wallpaper’ we’ve had in recent years. The executions are fresh, young, vibrant and above all else, clear – exactly what we wanted”.
James Marples, Marketing Officer (Creative & Communications) Chesterfield College

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